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London Fashion Week 2011 September

London Fashion Week 2011 September

London Fashion Week 2011 September:

Images of London Fashion Week 2011 September:

Maria Greek Katrantzou first presented his collection at London Fashion Week 2011 September two years ago and immediately causes the ranks of promising fashion designers, whose works are of vital interest and are very popular with celebrities and stars. A master of light prints, optical illusions and clear silhouettes with elements of Russian culture in its fall collection in London FW 2011.

London Fashion Week 2011 September-1

Russia's motives were seen around the decoration in fashion week, while clothes are similar to those of the Russian agent’s toys, wooden spoons and coffins were patterned.

London Fashion Week 2011 September-2
As part of London Fashion Week 2011 September has introduced its innovative fast eccentric collection of Mark exceptional case, where he organized incompatible things. While the design of their bags pulled quickly pencil boxes for children, as a result was colorful plastic mouth filled with liquid in London FW 2011.

London Fashion Week 2011 September-3
Fall Collection Burberry Christopher Bailey presented with a surprising variety of colors and shapes of the shift in the minds of 60 years. The layers of red, green, orange and blue coats with white fur coat and long sleeved shirts, dresses in white with black leather and has a large amount of test materials look really fantastic at fashion week of London.

London Fashion Week 2011 September-4
Paul Costelloe offered winter collection bright yellow short skirt and pink jackets, flowing dresses and curly green check pants. Magenta, velvet jackets for men and black velvet jackets in gray has become the highlight of his collection of clothes.

London Fashion Week 2011 September-5
TopShop just a new collection of clothes of the style of Cruella De Vil inspired. His show began with a model for the use of the Shield of Dalmatia and then print the stage of women occupied in fur clothing Dalmatian trousers and black shirts with pictures of a pair of Dalmatians, leather skirts black white blouse with small Dalmatian on all devices. Models funny, but also the hair spheres nose pup on the head in London fashion week.

London Fashion Week 2011 September-6
Look through the fashion tops Catsuits, frayed jeans inspired heater, oversized jackets, vests and string ensembles Clown - these are just some of the bizarre trends that emerged during Fashion Week in London in the autumn.
In the models is part of the eccentric theater. But it's hard to imagine that they worked into the everyday life of average people who like fashion.

London Fashion Week 2011 September-7
The intention to push the boundaries of design can range from catwalk beautifully bizarre and six of the most spectacular day was a heady mix.
London Fashion Week 2011 September is already more than half - Sadza.

London Fashion Week 2011 September-8
Made on the other side of Samantha Cameron, the first lady of the United Kingdom, a phenomenon in several exhibitions, including Erdem, Peter Pilotto and Christopher Kane in London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week 2011 September-9
The gains also came into force for some low-profile appearances, including Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, the catwalk only in the fringe fashion week.

[caption id="attachment_1940" align="aligncenter" width="232" caption="London Fashion Week 2011 September-10"][/caption]

Temperley, but one of the biggest names in the United Kingdom has caught, as guest of honor was none other than Pippa Middleton.
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London Fashion Week 2011 September-11



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