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Taylor Swift Talks New Album

Taylor Swift Talks New AlbumTaylor Swift Talks New Album Speak now

He was never willing to rest on their laurels and Taylor Swift Talks New Album is already knee deep in new songs for a follow-up of the word.
The "case, he did not say" hit maker reporter said she was "writing, both the new album" and "getting excited about It."
"I wrote 25 songs to date, which is very good. I wrote a lot, and I want to two years to record an album. We are at the end of the first year, and I have to write one more year. It seems very well. “
Taylor is also an explosion of new perfumes suit, which recently launched its new fragrance amazing.

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"Actually, I do not know what I do when I'm on this path. I think I'm so in love with this trip that we just love it I in them. I love being a part of it. Love this program. I love people. I like the feeling you get when you are obsessed with foot of the stage and was a good show ... Of course I'm going to move on after this tour finished, and probably with registration and overdrive Taylor Swift Talks New Album. This kind of method works naturally over a period of two years. By creating an album of two years and you are ready to turn it off, that's all what you think. We hope to get there, and no way at the end to go this route. There are many things to plan, then go to Australia in February, so you do not need to say goodbye completely. “

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Taylor Swift is the choice of speaking now, instead of always keeping your peace today! Her album is now, and it promises to be an "event" in the music industry should be.
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She is only 20 years and is one of the biggest things to happen in music. But make no mistake; the girl has an old soul. She is mature for her age. Check out our exclusive video interview with the lovely and talented Miss Swift, at this time. I will record and predict that speak to today is one of the Taylor Swift Talks New Album of 2010.
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She even said she and members of his band are "obsessed" with others, so that the time with each, while the other route. Swift also speaks instead of the "T Party" after the show in his "Fearless" tour. She dubs it "backstage oasis / living room," and said it was a refuge in every show! This would make the traditional and greet before the show, go play your program, and a surprise meeting and greeting people at random from the crowd with his mother or one of his assistants. Taylor Swift Wizard is selected for a job I love. It seems that the earth and sweet.

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The star, who shot to fame in recent years, spoke recently with EW about their new album which is "a collection of confessions, saying things I wish I had told him that if he at the time. It's a joke on the album. More details can be found in the Autumn Music Preview the current issue of Entertainment Weekly found.

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