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2011 Spring Summer Fashion Trends

2011 Spring Summer Fashion Trends

2011 Spring Summer Fashion Trends, the more popular as a spring is gay, colorful? This is the best time for you to update your wardrobe and enjoy life. Prepare to meet a surge in the actual colors. The bright colors and could be seen on the catwalks of fashion. Neon green, orange, yellow and other bright colors were shown at Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Jil Sander, Max Mara, Prada and Gucci. Zac Pozen used fruits, color combinations for delicious authentic in his women's collection Z Spoke. These tones are the perfect choice for fashionable women who are not afraid to use bright colours.Next spring it is time to invest simply in a classic white shirt. Of course, if you have not already done so.

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2011 Spring Summer Fashion Trends shows at Fashion Week in New York, presented in so many different styles and versions. For example, in a white shirt DKNY was the centerpiece of the collection, Michael Kors was a touch laid-back, one of the most elegant and Derek Lam, Carolina Herrera was super chic while.For spring / summer 2011 fashion, we see the return of the long skirts that were once hot in 1970. And while some of us really have these men as sexy or interesting at all the opposite view.They love to a girl in a skirt, the look and feel, these pieces are incredibly feminine. In addition, they leave a lot to the imagination.

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2011 Spring Summer Fashion Trends they are totally inspiring fashion / Summer 2011 fashion season. These indices are everywhere and take the road.Create the retro look with floating platforms and covers thin strips and the preparations for the flattering attention of your fashionista friends. Search this trend in the collection of Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch and other designers.Will be wrapped in heavenly fabrics this spring and summer, adorned with beautiful vibrant colors and soft neutrals. Please look into this spring on the trail of lace and flowers seen on the shelves ... As always ... Black & White timeless and maintain their well-deserved in beautiful colors for spring and summer of 2012.

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Black and white were big in the fashion shows this season, showed the most fashion designer black and white in one way or another. Let's face it - you can not go wrong with black and white costume. The designer knows what little, and continue to enjoy.The trench is one of those timeless pieces that comes and goes in the goal as the latest trend, but still a wardrobe classic that never really go out of style.Since men are in the war and women dressed in this layer waterproof and warm. Homonymous with the name Burberry coat so we love this coat to cross that mark.The colors pop in spring 2011 fashion. Well, the bright colors of the rainbow can be mixed and matched with neon. Honeysuckle Rose marigold, blue curacao gay or Pantone? Why not, the sky is the limit.

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When we talk about cowboys and Indians or Aztecs, the Maya, Inca civilization and inspired by the natives of North, Central and South America is probably my favorite summer trend. The elite of fashion, men and women have made their new home print framework. And because of his lack of being in the collections of many designers (men) and the simple fact that many people do not like you can not coordinate all local impressions on foot on it (which is a plus).

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2011 Spring Summer Fashion Trends are here for your entertainment and nice comments.

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