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Lady Gaga New Album for 2012

Lady Gaga New Album for 2012Lady Gaga New Album for 2012

Lady GaGa has confirmed it will release a new album in 2012.
Discuss your plans for the coming year, the singer revealed that Lady Gaga New Album for 2012 is looking forward to touring and the release of their third album.
GaGa said the insider: "I just want to advance, I'm not as obsessed as I am obsessed objective process do not want to write music, I'm looking forward to another album and tour ....
"I feel very blessed to have an artist, a living, what I did love."
Later, asked whether she hopes one day a mother, she replied: "One day - the day, always from now my baby is my new album to come.".

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1-Lady Gaga New Album for 2012
Gaga second album Born This Way was released in May and has sold eight million copies worldwide and after this Lady Gaga New Album for 2012. Lady Gaga is still high on the success of his last album, "Born This Way", but in the year 2012, the pop star is a new set of songs for his fans who are obsessed with free space.
According to the singer, who this year ready to continue what it has done so well. "I just want to only move forward," he said the insider. "I'm not with the goal that I'm obsessed obsessed with process. I just want to continue to write music. I really want to do a new album and tour."
Gaga says she wakes up, inspired, a quality that will help you, the best leading role in his next album and tour in 2012. "I wake up in the morning with tears in their eyes and write new songs," he added. "I think in the future and the next album and how I can best do."

2-Lady Gaga New Album for 2012
It seems that the fans are happy this year! Are you excited about Lady Gaga New Album for 2012? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.Undeterred by the fact that so far, "Marry The Night" is his first single in the top 10 (or perhaps because of) miss, is Lady Gaga is already talking about his new album Born This Way. The monster mother made some references to their next album during a sit-down with The Insider. "I wake up in the morning with tears in their eyes and write new songs," he said. "I think in the future and the next album and how I can best do." But it seems that the future in terms of their third album, not too far.
When asked what are the goals for 2012, it is Gaga, the Grammy nominee said: "I just want to continue, I'm not with the goal that I'm obsessed with process obsessed just want to continue writing music ... I really wanted to put a new album and tour. "The purpose of the album is top secret, but she stood in the hipster-tails in the center of New York and all young people are affected gays want everyone to know that you are gay, gay under one banner, it will be added to the Army Gaga Little Monsters? Transsexual? Shop-workers uncomfortable? Koalas? Who knows? While Gaga knows (hopefully).

3-Lady Gaga New Album for 2012
I have not even information about what types of things that will be included in Lady Gaga New Album for 2012, but a country with a three-way, William Shatner and Barbra Streisand will not probably be there. If the charity wants Gaga are brave enough to start for the captain of the company against Khan Noonien Singh bone.

They did, but I honestly think that all things purple slag and other soft drinks that were made with bows of hair, if they do not WKD? Or things with shoulder pads?
Lady Gaga has much to answer for, but until the driver in the Geneva Protocol banning the use of synthesizers and methods of warfare terrible that I never found the answer to these questions. It would be a great evening in The Hague, right?

And Gaga's new album is almost imminent. Listen you do not agree, do you feel dirty and filthy after, but the sooner the better term. Like having sex with Frankie COCOZZA. Hair dirty rapist.

4-Lady Gaga New Album for 2012

Lady Gaga New Album for 2012 are here for your entertainment and nice comments.

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