Monday, 16 January 2012

Selena Gomez Hot

Selena Gomez HotSelena Gomez Hot

Thomas Brodnicki, the man who stalked actress Selena Gomez Hot during the summer, was expelled from court yesterday. To Superior Court Judge Edmund Clarke Jr. Wilcox (Welch to grass, "Oh, you select a name" to quote), that the court could not prove Brodnicki "intent" frighten or intimidate Gomez.
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Wow, the judges! What a triumph for the legal system! If we can not guarantee that was just an innocent man, an innocent man who stalked once a woman in Des Plaines all the way to save at the University of Iowa, where he continue to run for the years to make learning to go to legal aid serves !

No one knows whether the temporary injunction, which requires a distance of 100 meters Brodnicki Gomez is also discharged.
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No, I confess, I'm not sure we should criminalize the mentally ill, but that does not look good.

UPDATE: Oh, wow. OK. Today Brodnicki was taken into custody, this time for a psychiatric examination. LAPD Threat Management Unit, in the hope of "5150" Brodnicki, which is an "involuntary psychiatric hold." I like to think that this is perhaps the police plan from the beginning, because this kind requires medical intervention.
I do not often spend only a serious message to the likes of Selena Gomez Hot (dry, I mean, it's humping Justin Bieber - may the force of gravity), but this time have the floor. How hot he will see in these photos? And the dress, man. Entirely flattering. It would be in me if not for the fact that I have to be like Jesus here in my sixth month and graceful soft swelling ratios also.
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Seriously, my daughter, who over the endless plains Justin Bieber. I mean, yeah, it's much more talented and has a huge following in comparison to you, but the date a little more credit here. You'll need it. Shoot for the stars.
I know what you think. You think: "Of course, Justin Bieber is a great friend with massage of the feet and the old world charm, as it could not?" And it's a thought, all right. You have a point. But what I do, is a recent one with Selena Gomez Hot Justin have, and at the end of powerlessness, let me know how you feel love for the Biebz, ok?
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I Imagine that. Justin brings you to this sweet concert: Demi Lovato, natch. And you, as a good lock, and how do you go to the concert, he thinks to himself: "How could this possibly something better tonight" Justin then slides his fingers and whispered mischievously, "Come with me." You feel a tingling sensation in the back, but you can take to the Staples Center ... But why?

For a private showing of the film Titanic, for what. Mothereffin 'Titanic. You jealous yet?

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